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Investor Report: Anti-Flipping Rules

FHA’s return to the foreclosure resale market segment through its waiver of the 90-day anti-flipping rule should give those investors an important resource to start using - now.

Remember: FHA says the policy change is temporary. Even with a new administration, that June deadline just might be for real.

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Under the revised policy, FHA will require purchasers to be financially capable of handling the mortgage, and underwriters will look hard at appraisals. But the agency no longer will rule out insuring a mortgage simply because title to the property had changed hands within the previous three months.

Investors and property disposition firms who work with lenders’ “REO” departments can play key roles in returning abandoned and damaged houses back to productive use.

But without dependable financial takeouts — affordable mortgages for buyers whose credit histories may be imperfect — their jobs are much tougher.

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